Please include a video of you leading worship, including some top 50 CCLI songs.

What we need and seek is a heartfelt, humbly confident worshiper of Jesus Christ. Her or his passion is to lead His followers and others TO worship (emphasis on their engaging in worship). The leader desires to see every believer confidently, unashamedly glorifying God wherever they live, move or have their being. To that end and along the way the leader concerns him or herself in inviting, encouraging, and equipping believers – who are too often reluctant, unskilled and self-conscious – in the public worship of God, while raising up the worship team to present to God the best of their gifts, talents and skills.

My belief and vision for worship is that God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit – is adored and glorified by the congregation in worship corporately and individually, joyously and sacrificially; assisted and enabled by the worship teams of the church (e.g., music, tech, etc.) using their gifts, talents and skills; led by the worship leader.


The Worship Leader will develop and lead meaningful and engaging worship experiences for our contemporary service working directly with the Lead Pastor, worship team and tech teams.


This is a part-time position requiring up to 20 hours per week. The schedule will involve a regular evening rehearsal, Sunday and non-regular hours (some mutually agreeable weekly office hours will be included in the weekly schedule).


Direct report to the Lead Pastor and works in conjunction with paid and volunteer staff.


Worship Leadership:

  • Lead worship at the 11:00 am contemporary worship service
  • Lead and train worship and tech[1] teams
  • Oversee necessary stage changes during and between worship services (to include but not limited to: musical instruments, props, microphones and music stands­)

Worship Planning:

  • Weekly meeting with Lead Pastor (schedule negotiable)
  • Preparation of weekly tech sheets for the contemporary service, logistical planning for the same, the schedule of technical support, the training of technical teams, the selection of worship music, the recruitment of volunteers and special worship participants
  • Working with the Lead Pastor facilitate and coordinate the holiday worship planning (Christmas Eve services; Combined Service [Advent season]; Palm Sunday; Easter Sunday)

Worship Preparation:

  • Oversight of technical requirements of worship (tech teams, sound system and related equipment, audio visual equipment, instrumentation, licensing, charts)
  • Work in conjunction with volunteers to schedule and prepare special music
  • Select music for Praise Team and meet weekly (and additionally as required) to prepare music for each Sunday morning.
  • In conjunction with the Lead pastor oversee volunteers who complete worship preparation for the contemporary service (including but not limited to: communion, baptisms, scripture readers, worship assistants, and special music)

Ministries Development:

  • Encourage and recruit individuals to use their God given talents for their own spiritual growth and for the development of corporate worship

Various Administrative Responsibilities:

  • Production and distribution of worship Tech sheets
  • Oversee the maintenance, upgrading and replacement of musical instruments, sound equipment and audio visual equipment in conjunction with the Board of Trustees
  • Meet with volunteers and ministry leaders as needed to provide guidance


  • A maturing personal relationship with Jesus Christ
  • Ability to pursue and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit
  • Ability to relate with many different personality types; to work well within a team setting; to recruit, encourage and train volunteers; to maintain a schedule and complete items in a timely fashion
  • Instrumental and vocal skills – ability to use both in worship leadership
  • Working knowledge of technical ministries; willing and able to learn related skills.


  • High School diploma
  • Additional higher education with an emphasis in music/arts
  • Experience in music leadership and drama


  • Sound, media, and broadcast teams (see footnote #1)


The Worship Leader will work and report directly to the Lead Pastor. A weekly planning meeting will be negotiated with no other staff/administrative obligations. Also, for administrative, financial, and communication (e.g., bulletins, newsletter) purposes, the WL will work directly with Office Manager. Invitations will be extended to attend staff social and team building functions.

There are currently two full-time and four part-time staff:

  • Lead Pastor (13 years)
  • Office Manager (over 13 years)
  • Organist (5 years)
  • Youth Pastor (3 years)
  • Champion for Renewal and Vision (volunteer; over 13 years)
  • Adult Faith Formation (4 years)
  • Previous Worship Pastor served for 18 years

Our relationships on staff are collegial, friendly and informal with a commitment to personal maturity and the vision of First Church. Our expectation is that we will accomplish our work, communicate with and support each other, and be self-starters.


  • We use drums/percussion, guitar (1), bass (1), piano/keys (2), and vocalists (4+) in various iterations.
  • Our average attendance at the contemporary service is under 100 persons
  • Our most recent new songs are: “Hallelujah, Amen” (Vertical Worship); “Not Today” (Hillsong United)
  • We do sing hymns, but generally in contemporary arrangements
  • We sing 4-5 songs during our contemporary service; about 20-25 minutes total
  • Our worship style is contemporary. Basically: a worship set, then a teaching.
  • A typical service order is: Welcome, Worship Together, Prayer, Greeting Time, Family Matters, Offering, Scripture Lesson, Message, Closing Song
  • Our team receives the song list, charts, recordings on a week to week basis. New charts are introduced to the worship team further out.
  • Rehearsals include brief devotion and/or prayer time. Then run-through of charts.
  • Sunday AM worship team arrives for pre-service rehearsal/soundcheck by 10 AM.
  • Audio system is a hodgepodge, collected over the last 20 years. Most recent additions are: Behringer X32 Digital Mixer and Behringer P-16 personal mixer system
  • We use Proclaim for our projection software. Our projection team inputs the services
  • Communion is served the first Sunday of each month (except Lenten season). It is included in the Opening Worship set.

In typical United Methodist style, we have theological streams from many different sources. However, we are (roots of First UMC, Ephrata) conservative, orthodox and evangelical. Our vision – reflecting the Lead Pastor’s passion and calling is a more dynamic, classical Wesleyan theology (rooted in the Wesleyan revivals of the 18th century; not the Wesleyan denominations) and the Renewal movement of the mid-1990s. We are committed to “raising disciples of Jesus Christ” – salvation and sanctification; welcoming and encouraging the movement and gifts of the Holy Spirit, and the attendant Fruit of the Spirit.

We are a congregation rooted in two distinct visions with their attendant worship styles: a traditional congregation birthed in the post-WWII era; and a contemporary congregation birthed in a seeker-sensitive church growth model. Our current vision seeks to bring both groups together without sacrificing either’s unique worship expressions


Our Vision

Raising disciples of Jesus Christ, we equip and nurture individuals who love and serve God with all their being and one another as Jesus loved, and who carry life to everyone they meet.

Our Declaration

We are a joy-filled people, united in Christ, empowered by the Holy Spirit, and committed to spiritual maturity.

Our 5 Covenant Commitments

We have a commitment to Worship, to Equipping, to Accountability, to Service, and to Witness

Our Mission Statement

We exist to bring people to Jesus Christ and to help them become His fully devoted followers.

Our Core Values

Prayer – We commit ourselves to conceive and carry out all ministry through prayer.

The Bible – We confirm the Bible as the inspired Word of God, the source of instruction, knowledge, and wisdom for living.

Stewardship – We acknowledge God’s gifts - time, talent, treasure - and dedicate them for His glory and use.

Unity – We acknowledge the command of God to love one another and respond to the leading of His Spirit to make us one.

Maturity – We desire to “attain the whole measure of the fullness of Christ” by submitting to the transforming power of the Holy Spirit, encouraging, nurturing, and holding each other accountable in love.

Relationships We acknowledge that maturity occurs best when we are in godly relationships.

Renewal/Sanctification We believe that this is not only God’s will for us, but that He is actively, faithfully, continually working in us to conform us to the image of Christ.

Portrait of a Disciple

A fully devoted follower of Jesus (aka disciple):

  • has experienced life transforming events (salvation, baptism of the Holy Spirit, deliverance/inner healing/restoration)
  • is connected to other disciples – community/fellowship/accountability
  • has fundamental and growing knowledge
  • has discovered his/her service/ministry identity and engages in it
  • continually shares the gospel (oftentimes overlapping with their service/ministry) – outreach/evangelism/mission
  • practices spiritual disciplines/skills

[1] tech teams serve at all services